Tsiakiris “The Art of Silk Museum”

For over 60 years the Tsiakiri family have produced silk in Soufli.

The Art of Silk Museum is in a beautiful neoclassical building in the heart of the town. For over 60 years the Tsiakiri family have produced silk in Soufli and have created this unique space to show off and preserve the rich tradition of silk weaving and production in the area.

Original exhibits combined with the latest technology take the visitor, step by step, on a journey as unique as that of silk itself.

A live guided tour of the exhibits allows the visitor to get a taste of what it meant to work in the silk industry and videos demonstrate the various stages in the manufacture of silk from sericulture (the rearing of silkworms) to the finished product. There are live silkworms on view most of the year too!

There is also a multilingual electronic tour guiding system (XENAGOS) to assist visitors to the museum, currently available in English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Turkish.

In the Museum shop you will find silk items produced by the Tsiakiri Silk House as well as a number of locally produced specialities.

Entrance is free of charge and includes a guided tour. The museum has full access for the disabled including ramps, an elevator and specialised toilet facilities.

Vasileos Georgiou 199
Soufli 684 00 GR
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9.30 – 21.00 Daily (365 days a year)