Following an easy trail a few metres out of the village of Lefkimi, one comes to a beautiful monument of nature. The Lefkimi fossil forest, which is 40 million years old, is a forest of rare beauty and the only one of its kind in Europe. Its fossils are scattered all over the lush green forest. This is a walk really worth taking.

It is estimated by scientists that the petrified forest of Fylachto was created due to volcanic activity at that time. The rich in silicon dioxide solutions resulting from volcanic eruptions seeped into the forest and petrified it all; they replaced the entire organic plant matter with inorganic. The petrifaction observed in the petrified forest of Fylachto is considered perfect, as all the features of the tree trunks are visible and preserved in excellent condition.

In the petrified forest of Fylachto you can admire a petrified oak tree with a length of about 20 meters and a diameter of 1,5 meters, estimated to be 35 million years old. Moreover, a small showroom with samples of petrified findings of the region operates in the Tourist Center of Tychero, at the entrance of the village, next to the lake. Petrified leaves of cinnamon, fern, coffea, gum and ancestral form of vine are included in the findings of the petrified forest of Fylachto and are of significant value due to their rarity both in Greece and in Europe.